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Can you remember where the sink is located in every house you have visited or lived in? Most likely, the sink was positioned under the kitchen window. While this may seem like the norm, there is no law stating that a kitchen sink must be placed under a window. However, you will often find this sink directly beneath a sunlit window.

A kitchen sink is always placed under a window so that you don’t have to worry about using cabinet space for a sink and it is easier to access the plumbing. Windows also let in natural sunlight, allowing hand-washed dishes to dry quickly and providing you with a scenic view while working.

For these reasons, the general population prefers a kitchen sink under a window. Again, there are no rules or guidelines from the Official Council of Kitchen Sinks (which is not a thing) stating that sinks must be placed under a kitchen window. Let’s take another look at why this tradition has made it so popular in kitchen design.

A Space Saver – No Need to Worry About Using Potential Countertop or Cabinet Space

Imagine playing Tetris where you have to fit all the pieces together. Now, envision your kitchen as a Tetris game. The cabinets fit like puzzle pieces, as do the countertops. The window, which is always an excellent addition to a room, also fits in, and the sink fits quite nicely right underneath it.

When designing your kitchen layout, make sure your plans align with your daily needs. Do you enjoy cooking? For your culinary masterpieces, you’ll need as much countertop space as possible. Do you want plenty of storage space? If you have enough room, fit as many cabinets as possible along the walls of your kitchen.

And where will you now place the sink?

You don’t want to take up valuable countertop space, and you don’t want to place it under your cabinets. When we work in the kitchen, we tend to spend more time at the kitchen sink, completing various tasks.

When standing at a sink, our bodies tend to lean forward, and if a cabinet is directly above, you’ll bump your head against it, especially when leaning forward and focusing on a large pan that requires a bit more muscle to clean.

So, doesn’t placing it below the window seem like a good choice? There is now open space above the sink, ensuring no head bumps take place. It doesn’t take up a wall of cabinets, and you still have all that workspace beneath those cabinets.

If you have a small kitchen in an apartment or other small home with limited countertop space, placing your kitchen sink under the window can be a significant space saver and give your kitchen an aesthetically pleasing look.

Placing the kitchen sink under the window helps make it look like it belongs there (back to the Tetris game) and helps other kitchen fixtures adapt as well.

Natural Sunlight Allows for Quick Dish Drying in the Sink

If you’re a fan of handwashing dishes, which some people find stress-relieving, then you’ll spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink. It’s an excellent time to relax and unwind, and the best part is, you can do it all yourself.

If your spouse or kids or roommates or dog are bothering you, you can simply let them know they can pass their dirty dishes to you, and then they can leave you in peace. It can be almost meditative and give you time to think about anything you’d like.

A big part of handwashing your dishes is that you have control over how clean they are. You’ll get the drying times down pat as well. If you’re in a hurry, you can towel dry your dishes, but if you don’t need to put them away right away, you can simply let them air dry in a dish rack in your sink.

What really supports this process is the bright, warm sunlight pouring in through your kitchen window, conveniently positioned directly above the dishes. They’ll be dry in no time!

You can even speed up the drying process by opening your window and letting the breeze flow over your dishes and into your kitchen. And as an added bonus, you can reach the window and open it to vent out any smoke if you accidentally burn something on the stove.

Picturesque View While Working at the Sink

While you’re washing dishes and relaxing, it’s helpful to have something beautiful to look at, perhaps your lovely little backyard garden that you’ve spent so much time tending to, or maybe your kitchen window with a view of the street so you can see everything happening with your neighbors.

If you have kids or pets, a kitchen window can help you keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not doing anything they shouldn’t be while you go about your housework.

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