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A well-decorated entryway table creates an impressive first impression when guests enter your home. There are many ways to decorate your table to create a welcoming atmosphere for yourself and anyone entering your home, conveying a sense of comfort. It’s all about balance and flow while adding a touch of class.

Common ways to decorate a table near your front door include lots of greenery, a mirror, or artwork. Typically, the colors and accents on the entryway table should match the style of your home. Many people also use the entryway table to showcase a festive look, setting the mood for seasons and holidays.

If you want to learn more about the many ways to grab your visitors’ attention with an attractive entryway table, keep reading. In this article, you will learn how to decorate the table next to your door to make a statement and complement the style of your home.

1. Add Trendy and Classic Entryway Table Pieces

Many homes have a table next to their front door, commonly referred to as an entryway table. For many years, the traditional decoration pieces you would see on these tables were lamps, a flower arrangement in a vase, or a large mirror mounted above the table. However, decorating entryway tables has evolved with creative ways to showcase your style for a welcoming entry.

Below are trendy and classic decoration ideas for your entryway table:

  • Use plants.
  • Add a statement mirror.
  • Display wall or phrase art.
  • Add a few candles.
  • Use a stack of books.
  • Add a statement or accent lamp.
  • Show photos.
  • Use crates and baskets for multi-tiered tables.
Greenery for a Refreshing Look

Indoor plants have become increasingly common in households after numerous studies have shown that plants create a soothing, relaxing, and less stressful atmosphere while improving cognitive abilities. By adding some green to your entryway area, you enhance the first impression you want to make when you and your guests cross the threshold of your home. Entryway tables should be simple and clutter-free, so don’t overdo it by adding an abundance of plants.

For example, use a stylish planter or vase as a side or centerpiece and add other objects like a group of three differently sized candles and a leaned or mounted mirror on the wall.

In colder months, consider moving your plants to a different location to prevent their health from deteriorating due to drafts.

Add a Statement with a Bold Mirror

For years, mirrors have been mounted above entryway tables to create an appealing and flowing effect when entering a home. Choose a color and style that makes a bold statement to capture the attention of people entering your space. The style and color of the mirror should complement the decor in your home.

It also serves as functional decor, allowing you to take one last look at your appearance as you leave the door.

Wall and Phrase Art Inspires Admiration and Fascination

Most people enjoy incorporating some form of art into their home decor, and it has actually been shown to have a positive impact on mental health. Attractive paintings and framed phrases are popular decoration options for entryway tables. Maintain the balance of the table decor by choosing an appropriate size for the table and adding a smaller accent piece.

Attach one or more artworks to the wall or place them on the table leaning against the wall. Depending on the size of your table, you can add more than one artwork with a fancy touch of overlap. Overlapping art and photos add dimension and style.

A popular way to present art on your table is by overlapping several pieces of different sizes on one half of the table and accentuating the other side with a single lamp, flower vase, or planter.

It’s simple yet creative, balanced, and grabs attention.

Candles Bring Elegance and Simplicity

Candles make an excellent decor piece that you can place on your table next to the front door. It’s a safe way to add elegance and comfort to your entryway area as table decor or in a side corner. You can even add dimension to your table by grouping three differently sized candles.

Candles are versatile decor pieces that can easily be moved or remain stationary while other decorations change.

Add a Touch of Sophistication with a Few Books

Whether old or new, adding books to your entryway table creates an elegant atmosphere when entering your home. If you don’t have books lying around, visit your local thrift store to find a few inexpensive hardcovers to style your table. If you enjoy books in an old-fashioned style, thrift stores are definitely an excellent place to find classics.

Books can be used to accentuate a centerpiece or serve as the centerpiece itself by grouping several upright books.

Brighten Your Entryway Area with a Lamp

An attractive and stylish lamp is a popular and traditional addition to your table decor. Whether as a centerpiece or on the side, lamps provide stunning charm while illuminating your entryway area when entering and leaving your home. Add a bold statement lamp to capture attention, or a simple yet classic style to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with symmetrical flow in your home.

Family Photos for a Personal Touch

Many people use a few family photos or a large portrait to decorate their entryway table. Keep it simple and elegant when adding photos. Get creative by using framed photos of different sizes to add dimension. Hanging photos on your wall above the entryway table is also a classic way to showcase your loved ones.

Choose frames that match the style and vibe of your home or use an eye-catching frame for a large photo.

Use Crates and Baskets for Tiered Tables

Crates and baskets are a trendy addition to multi-tiered entryway tables. You can use them as attractive storage or simply as standalone accents. There are many styles to choose from that match your vision and the flow of current home decor.

Crates and baskets are traditionally made of wood and wicker, but they are also made of plastic and metal to fit your preferred look.

2. Add Seasonal Decoration Pieces

Using seasonal decoration is popular for entryway tables, and there are many ways to do this without sacrificing your style.

You can even amp it up by adding some festive decor for the season’s holidays.

Spring Styling in the Entryway

Spring decor traditionally includes pastel colors, but that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You can incorporate spring fashion to match the style and color scheme of your home. Decor in neutral tones and colorful flowers can create the spring vibe when you enter your home.

A white vase with yellow tulips or forsythia branches is an excellent way to brighten your entryway area with a spring feel. Other examples of spring decor include:

  • Leafy or blooming plants.
  • Fresh or dried flowers in a vase.
  • Decorating with bright and cheerful colors.
  • Spring-themed decor and knick-knacks.
Sunshine and Entryway Vibes for Summer

Summer is filled with memories of friends and family, vacation trips, and outdoor projects. Brighten your entryway table with your favorite summer memories by placing multiple photos of different sizes on top of each other in a stylish display. Accentuate your beautiful memory collage with a small glass vase of leafy greenery or vibrantly colored flowers.

The following are other ways to incorporate summer vibes into your entryway table decor:

  • Décor pieces and photos from your past trips.
  • Art and decor in bright and vibrant colors.
  • A colorful flower arrangement.
  • Leafy or blooming plants.
Cool and Colorful Autumn Decoration

Create a fashionable entryway area with a combination of rustic and neutral colors on your table. Get into the mood of the season by adding a basket filled with the cheerful scent of cinnamon-scented pinecones to your table. Candles with autumn scents are also an excellent choice to fill your home with the comfort of fall.

The following are examples of autumn decor:

  • Pumpkins and a small bundle of corn stalks.
  • An arrangement of dried flowers or colorful fresh flowers in a vase.
  • Christmas and holiday decor.
  • Autumn photos of family and friends.

Winter Decoration and Colors

Popular decor for winter entryway tables is a garland wrapped around a candle display with holiday photos. Many people also incorporate fairy lights and other festive decor pieces to create a festive atmosphere. Using a mix of white and dark colors conveys the dramatic feeling of winter.

The following are examples of popular decor for the winter season:

  • A large transparent vase with fairy lights wrapped around cinnamon-scented pinecones.
  • An elegant winter wreath.
  • Winter holiday decor and knick-knacks.
  • Festive holiday photos with friends and family.

3. Follow Your Home Design

There are always trendy decoration themes flooding Pinterest searches and influencing decoration tastes and styles. Since your entryway table gives your home the first impression, it should harmonize with the rest of your interior design. If you’re undecided, try taking photos of different types of table decorations and arrangements, then choose the one that appeals to you more.

You can also send the photos to your friends or family to get their advice if you can. You don’t have to choose alone.

The following are examples of trendy decoration themes that you can use as inspiration while adding your personal touch:

  • Rustic
  • Cottage
  • Modern
  • Bohemian
  • Vintage
  • Shabby Chic
  • Coastal Cottage
  • Mid-century

4. Position Decor to Add Flow and Balance

Sometimes, it takes a little tweaking to achieve the desired look of your decor. Choosing your decor is just one step in this process. Through positioning, you can create either a chaotic and cluttered entry or a welcoming and inviting entryway.

Add Dimensions for a Dramatic Effect

Get creative with positioning your decor by adding dimension to the flow of your home. This technique allows you to also arrange multiple pieces without looking cluttered. Examples of ways to position your decor for a dramatic effect include:

  • Position decor like photos and art overlapping.
  • Narrow mirrors, large photos, and art on the wall.
  • Add a large statement piece with smaller decor elements of different sizes.
  • Use color in different shades from dark to light.
  • Use different textures.
Group Your Decor for Small Tables

If your entryway table is on the smaller side, try centering a group of decor pieces of different sizes. Add a dramatic piece with other favorite pieces of different sizes to create balance and symmetry when entering. You can also keep it simple and light by displaying a single bold and stylish decor piece, such as a lamp or vase, in the center of your table.

Keep It Clutter-Free

When you see clutter upon entering your home, an immediate negative and chaotic atmosphere is created. A cluttered environment can actually harm your mental well-being. Remember that the purpose of decorating an entryway table is to create a welcoming mood and flow that you and your guests can enjoy when entering your home.

5. Use Decor That Makes You Happy

Above all, decorate the entryway table to match your personality and taste because your interior decor affects your mood and overall mental well-being. You don’t have to sacrifice your style and follow the trendy decor that everyone else seems to like. Add your character, your unique twist, and sentimental items you’ve collected throughout your life.

Your entryway table should be decorated in a way that conveys a welcoming feeling when entering your home.


Entryway tables are common in many households, and how you decorate them can determine the mood when entering. Avoid clutter when arranging decorations on your entryway table as it can have negative effects on mental well-being. Table decor should convey a welcoming, aesthetically pleasing feeling.

Statement pieces like large mirrors and vases with flower arrangements are used to grab the attention of passersby. Colors, textures, and accents varying in size create dimension and symmetry. All you need to do is get a little inspiration and start decorating.

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