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Metal bed frames are a great, affordable alternative to more expensive bed frames. The only issue with metal bed frames is that they don’t always look great. If you want to make your bedroom look a little better, let’s talk about how you can stylishly decorate this metal bed frame.

You can make a metal bed frame look better by adding a bed skirt or using an oversized bedspread to cover it. You can also add wooden panels or paint the metal bed frame to have more decorative options.

In the rest of this article, some specific ideas for making your metal bed frame look better will be explained. Keep reading!

1. Add a Bed Skirt

One of the easiest ways to enhance the appearance of your metal bed frame is by adding a bed skirt. You can find a bed skirt at almost any store that sells bedding. Not only are they a great way to hide your metal bed frame, but they are also quite affordable. Most bed skirts cost less than €20, depending on the chosen material.
However, a tricky point when selecting a bed skirt is matching it to the décor of your existing room. You can purchase complete bedding sets that include a comforter, sheets, and a matching bed skirt. If you already have bedding and don’t want to buy a new set, you will need to match the bed skirt as best as possible to the set you already have.

Fortunately, there are many different colors and materials to choose from when it comes to bed surrounds. So, find the color that matches your decor best and add a bed surround to cover the metal frame of your bed.

2. Use an oversized bedspread

Another way to make your metal bed frame look better is to add an oversized bedspread to your bed. If you choose the right size, the bedspread should hang down to the floor and cover the metal bed frame.

This is easier for those with smaller beds, as you can easily buy one or two sizes larger. However, it can be more difficult with larger beds. If you already have a king-size or California king-size bed, you will need to buy a quilt that is large enough to reach the floor. This can get expensive, as king-size quilts that are larger than expected tend to cost more.

3. Place a bed bench at the end of the bed

A creative way to hide your metal bed frame is to consider a bed bench. For those who don’t know, these are benches that you place at the foot of your bed. There are a few reasons why people like these, including:

    • Bed benches are a great seating option in your room. This could be a great place to sit and relax, put on your shoes, or just a nice spot to sit and take a minute to rest.
    • Bed benches are great for decorative purposes. A bench can help to cover up the metal bed frame and bring some color into your room.
    • Bed benches are sometimes equipped with storage space. Depending on the bench you choose, some come with storage options. This is a great place to store extra blankets or pillows.

    A bed bench does not completely cover a metal bed frame, but it can certainly divert attention from it. Choose a beautiful color to add style to your room and provide a sleeping spot for your pets while you are at it.
    Furthermore, make sure that the bed bench you choose is large enough. If you have a king-size bed, get a bed bench that is big enough to cover the metal frame. Using a bench that is ideal for a large bed not only looks strange, but also reveals the bed frame.

    4. Use a Fitted Sheet

    Consider using a fitted sheet if you want to quickly cover a metal bed frame using something you already have. This allows you to cover your bed frame quickly without costing you anything, and it’s great for unexpected guests when you need to change quickly.

    To do this, simply cover the metal bed frame with a fitted sheet and place the mattress on top. The sheet will try to fold up if you don’t tuck it in, so I recommend placing the sheet under the metal legs of the bed frame to keep it in place and fully cover the bed frame.

    The purpose of a fitted sheet is to fully cover your mattress and stay in place even when you move. So, you have an elastic band that can work in your favor when using it to cover your bed frame. Place it like your mattress over your bed frame to achieve the best possible results.

    5. Add a canopy

    When you think of a canopy bed, you probably think of a large pre-made bed frame. While this is a bed style you can purchase, it is not the only way to get a canopy bed. You can buy a canopy separately from your bed frame that fits over your bed and provides the same results, or you can even make it a DIY project.

    No matter what method you choose to add a canopy to your bed, it’s a great way to cover the metal bed frame and add elegance to your room decor. Canopy beds can also keep you warm at night while you sleep. There are many different styles to choose from, allowing you to customize your room to your liking. If you want to cover the metal bed frame, make sure to buy curtains for your canopy that reach the floor. Also, be careful with pets or small children who may want to play with or climb on the canopy. Otherwise, choose a style that complements your bedroom decor.

    6. Adding Wood Paneling

    A simple DIY way to enhance the appearance of a metal bed frame is by adding wooden paneling. All you need to do is measure the bed frame and attach wood to the frame. Leave the wood as is for a more rustic look, or add some woodwork to create a more intricate design.
    If you desire a sturdier look, consider extending the wood all the way to the floor. This will help prevent pets (and maybe even stray socks) from getting under the bed. Wood is also very versatile, so if you add wood to the frame, you can stain or paint it to add a touch of color to your bedroom.
    If you choose to stain the wood, you can also do so to match other wood accents you already have in your bedroom. If you have other wooden furniture like a dresser or nightstand, then stain the wood trim to match and tie your room together nicely. This is a great way to dress up the metal bed frame and make your room look like a coordinated bedroom set.
    You can also paint the wood before attaching it to your bed frame. This gives you a bit more creative freedom than staining, as you can choose from a wider range of colors. So pick the color that best matches your bedroom decor and paint the wood. The best part is that you can change your mind later and paint it a different color.

    7. Add Bedding Storage

    Adding storage around your bed is one way to divert attention from your metal bed frame. This is a great way to create more storage space for bedding and linens while also covering up your metal bed frame. Additionally, there is bedding storage available in many different sizes and styles to meet your needs.

    You can use bedding storage to cover up your metal bed frame by placing it at the foot of your bed. It not only helps those living in smaller homes and apartments with more blanket storage, but it can also add color and flair to your bedroom decor.

    Not every bed storage has to be an expensive wooden chest at the foot of your bed. There are other more entertaining options for those who want to spend a little less money on it. There are fabric options with cool designs that don’t cost too much. There are also affordable, sturdy designs made from various materials.

    Not every bed storage has to be an expensive wooden chest at the foot of your bed. There are other more entertaining options for those who want to spend a little less money on it. There are fabric options with cool designs that don’t cost too much. There are also affordable, sturdy designs made from various materials.

    8. Try Using a Window Valance

    If you need a quick option to make your metal bed frame look better but don’t have a fitted sheet on hand, try using a window valance. For those who don’t know, a window valance is a short curtain that hangs on a window. They are usually combined with matching longer curtains, but you can also use them alone if you have shorter windows.

    The only problem you may encounter when lining your metal bed frame with a window valance is keeping it in place. Your metal bed frame may be too thick for a window valance, and you would have to take it apart to attach the valence there. Therefore, you should consider some alternatives to keep the curtain on the bed frame.

    If you want to keep the valance in place, you can add adhesive. This is a more permanent solution as it does not easily detach from the metal frame. If you enjoy sewing, you can sew the valance onto a bedsheet to create your own DIY bed skirt. However, for a more permanent solution, you may consider attaching the bed skirt to your box spring bed.

    9. Use a bed wrap with Velcro

    If you like DIY projects, you may want to try a bed wrap with Velcro for your metal bed frame. You can use this with many fabrics, from curtains to traditional bed skirts, but it allows you to quickly and easily change your bed skirt without moving your mattress.

    While there are some options available for bed railings with Velcro closures, I recommend doing this as a DIY project to save money. Follow these steps:

    1. Search for the bed railing material.
    2. Add a Velcro closure.
    3. Attach the other end of the Velcro closure directly into your metal bed frame.
    4. When it’s time to change, simply remove the apron and replace it with another.

    Depending on your needs, you can sew the Velcro closure into fabrics or simply stick it on. So, sew the Velcro closure onto the bed frame of your choice and then attach the Velcro closure to your bed frame using adhesive. This not only makes it easier to add more bed railing options in the future, but also makes laundry day a breeze.

    If you are not good at sewing, there are other attachment options now, such as Velcro. Consider using fabric tape to attach the Velcro to your bed skirt. Keep in mind that if you choose this option instead of sewing, allow the adhesive about 24 hours to adhere to the fabric before hanging it.

    10. Paint the metal bed frame

    Finally, take a simple approach to dealing with a basic metal bed frame and paint it. There are many different colors to choose from, and painting will help make the plain look of a metal bed frame stand out and appear more stylish and expensive. Try a more traditional glossy color for a nice accent, or matte color to blend your bed frame a little better into your room.

    Once you have decided on the style and color of paint, carefully choose the type of paint. Painting can be a hassle with pets or children in your home. Therefore, select a non-toxic option with no strong odor for the best possible scenario. Otherwise, keep children and pets away from the room while the paint dries to avoid any issues.
    One of the best aspects of painting a metal bed frame is that you can make it something that most people overlook and make it your own. So, use your favorite color or get creative with the design, the choice is yours! But remember, the more effort you put in, the more you will appreciate it once you’re finished.

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