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In the summer, you may want to open your storm door further to let in extra light and possibly watch your children play outside while preventing insects from entering your home. And during harsh winter weather, it is crucial to have an insulating barrier to keep the warm air in. A storm door can provide you with these benefits.

Here are some tips on how to open a storm door further:

  1. Install the door correctly.
  2. Adjust the spacing of the brackets.
  3. Reconfigure the security chain, if applicable.
  4. Consider the door brand.
  5. Check for a defective closer pin.
  6. Mount the door on a Z-bar.
  7. Replace a cheap spring-loaded door closer.
  8. Repair the sagging screen door.
  9. Replace or clean rusty hinges and door parts.

Whether your door has never opened wide from the get-go or the issue has occurred over time due to usage, there is a solution for you. Let’s go through these tips one by one to help your storm door open fully.

1. Install the Door Correctly

Some doors may not open as wide as they should if the installation is not done correctly. It is recommended to place the brackets on the frame a quarter inch away from the storm door frame during installation and mount the closer 18 inches (45.72 cm) from the hinge side edge of the door. Otherwise, the door will not open fully when the closer is installed.

Watch this video to learn how to install a storm door correctly:

2. Adjust the Bracket Spacing

Storm doors should swing open up to around 85 degrees (1.48 rad). So, if your door only swings open three-quarters of the way, the bracket needs to be adjusted.

To test the bracket spacing, pull the pin from the closer when you have the door closed. If the bracket is mounted too far away, it will spring back more than 1/8 inch (3.17 mm). Once you adjust the bracket spacing, the door will open properly.

3. Reconfigure the Security Chain, if Applicable

The distance between the chain and the bracket could also be a factor. (If the door has a double-cylinder closer, you may not have a chain as most companies do not include one.)

If there is a security chain present, the chain bracket may be mounted too far away from the hinges, causing the door not to open fully.

To open your storm door to its fullest, make sure the bracket is mounted half an inch away from the edge of the Z-bar. The further away, the less the door will open and the harder it will be to push the door open.

4. Consider the Door Brand

If your storm door does not open wide enough, it could be due to the door’s brand and the cylinder rod might be shorter on certain models. Even after using their specifications, your storm door may still not open to 90 degrees (1.57 rad), but perhaps up to around 75 degrees (1.30 rad).

If this doesn’t help, you should have the cylinder adjusted. If, unfortunately, the door still doesn’t open wide enough, you may need to replace it with a different door that suits your taste better (or learn to make do with what you have).

5. Check for a Defective Closer Pin

The swing path of closers is usually fine until a pin becomes defective. In this case, removing the pin helps.

You can try searching for a faulty pin by removing both closers and opening the door. If the door opens fully, the issue was with the closer. Try reconnecting the closers one by one and test the door each time. Once you determine which closer had a faulty pin, you can contact the company and have a replacement closer sent to you.

6. Mount the Door on a Z-Bar

Sometimes, houses are built in a way that the door frame is good enough for the main entry door but not wide enough for your screen door to swing open a full 90 degrees (1.57 rad).

You can solve this problem by getting a Z-bar to mount the storm door outside of the door frame. A Z-bar provides additional space for the door to freely move, and the good news is that it can be customized to fit your door frame, regardless of size.

7. Replace a Cheap Spring-Loaded Door Closer

In cases where there is additional space for the door to open without the closer hitting the jamb, the issue is not the length of the closer but the quality of the closer spring.

Some companies provide low-quality spring-loaded closers with their doors. As a result, such springs do not have enough tension and, therefore, cannot fully open a storm door.

If you have a front door, you can try replacing it with a flat-topped door closer. It’s the same idea as a commercial closer but much smaller. It may need retrofitting so that it works with the storm door.

Such closers may be pricier but ultimately more effective than the low-quality ones that come with most storm doors.

8. Repair the Sagging Screen Door

In some cases, you may find that your screen door does not fully open and drags on the ground. This is most likely due to loose or missing hinges. If the screen door needs realignment, the issue can be fixed by simply replacing the hinge screws. To keep the hinges more effective, choose screws slightly larger than the original ones.

In addition to new screws, using a washer may help limit wear and fix sagging. It may be helpful to loosen the bottom hinge and clean any dirt and buildup from the bottom of the hinge. Place a strip of cardboard or wood beside the hinge and secure it. Afterward, reattach all parts and move the door back and forth to ensure alignment.

A thicker wooden shim may need to be used if the screen door still does not sit properly. Alternatively, you can use a screen door turnbuckle for better reinforcement.

9. Replace or Clean Rusty Hinges and Door Parts

Rust is no longer an issue for new storm doors, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an ongoing problem for the old model, wooden storm doors. Cleaning every few months prevents rust.

Ideally, you should replace your storm door with a new one to prevent the impact of rust. Weather resistance and rust protection have been improved in newer doors. In particular, aluminum storm doors are a good choice as they require no maintenance.

However, if purchasing a new door is not within your budget, cleaning an older storm door prolongs its lifespan. You should regularly maintain your storm door to ensure it lasts for many years and maintains its appearance.


Despite all their benefits, some storm doors may not open fully, and that can be frustrating. What’s worse, sometimes these doors are delivered defective from the factory. Additionally, storm doors are often exposed to the elements and can be damaged as a result. Not to mention the wear and tear from general use. However, with proper care and some optimizations, you can enjoy your storm door for a long time when needed.

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