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Garbage disposals are undoubtedly a handy little device to have in your kitchen. The convenience of being able to quickly dispose of unwanted food and waste is a dream! Despite the convenience of garbage disposal, some still wonder if their small sink can handle the equipment with a basin.

Any sink can have a garbage disposal. However, garbage disposals are not universal, and not every disposal fits in every kitchen. It is important to select a garbage disposal that fits your space, needs, and budget.

Garbage disposals can be expensive, but in the end, the cost is worth it. In this article, I will discuss how to choose a garbage disposal, as well as the general benefits of adding the device to your sink.

How to find the right garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals are not universal devices, which means that it is crucial to find one that fits your home when purchasing.

Consider the size of your sink to find the right garbage disposal and storage space, as well as the quality of your pipes and septic system. Also, consider which type of garbage disposal is best for the safety of your family.

Think about space

When shopping, first consider how much space you have, both in your sink and the storage space underneath. Keep in mind that this device attaches to the bottom of your drain, so measure the space under your sink before going to the store.

The size of the garbage disposal can vary, some are only 10″ (25.4 cm), while others can measure up to 15″ (38.1 cm). The differences in width can be even more significant. Generally, the more soundproof a garbage disposal is, the wider it will be.

Do not make the simple mistake of going shopping before you are guaranteed to know exactly how much space you need to fill.

Consider your home

When purchasing a garbage disposal, you also need to consider the needs of your home. Consider, for example, your pipes.

If you have a newer home, you probably have white PVC plastic pipes that are slippery and much less likely to hang onto food and dirt. If you live in an older home that still relies on old-fashioned cast iron drain pipes, you may find that the garbage disposal exacerbates your already problematic clogs.

It may seem counterintuitive that a garbage disposal can lead to clogs, but consider how much food waste you will intentionally be disposing of. Although this food is neatly ground, it may still be too much for older, rougher pipes.

A garbage disposal can fit in any sink, but pipes can be a roadblock.

You should also consider your septic system. While garbage disposal manufacturers claim that any system can handle a disposal, some installers claim otherwise.

Keep in mind that by adding a disposal in your kitchen, you would significantly increase the amount of substance your septic tank would have to handle at any given time. This increase will not be a problem for most septic tanks, but if you have an exceptionally small tank, it might be.

Before adding a disposal, you should consult a plumber to see if your septic system can handle the additional food waste.

Consider safety

Although they may sound scary, garbage disposals are incredibly safe devices. However, accidents involving young children are becoming increasingly common. If your family includes young, curious toddlers, you should naturally invest in the safest model possible.

Let’s take a look at the two most common garbage disposal models available.

Continuous feed models: These are probably the things that come to mind when you imagine a garbage disposal. These widely used models are powered through a switch on the wall and can be used to dispose of larger quantities of food at once.

Although this feature is convenient, it can come with significant safety concerns. There is no automatic stop response, so it will keep running regardless of what falls into its opening, such as utensils, a knife, or even your hand.

Batch feed models: Instead of being powered by an electrical switch, batch feed models only work when the chamber is filled and then activated by a special cover. Users of this device can operate it without fear of broken utensils or sliced fingers.

Although these models are less convenient and require users to grind materials in small batches at a time, many parents prefer these devices. They tend to be slightly more expensive, but the peace of mind can be worth the extra cost.

Is a garbage disposal worth the cost?

Garbage disposals vary in price, but regardless, this is a purchase that many Americans find themselves needing to plan for.

A garbage disposal is worth it as the benefits outweigh the initial cost. It is an environmental advantage, reduces odors, and helps avoid clogged pipes. Although it is easy to find expensive models, thrifty buyers should have no trouble finding affordable options.

Environmental impact

Studies show that you can take a tiny step in reducing your environmental impact by using a garbage disposal.

Every day, people around the world throw away huge amounts of food. When garbage disposal takes this food to a landfill, it remains in place until it naturally decomposes. By grinding the same food and mixing it with water, you accelerate the process and flush the food away with other waste.

Although a garbage disposal requires a small amount of electricity to operate, that energy is not enough to offset the benefits of reducing the amount of waste transported to landfills daily.

Reduced smell

Even if you do not necessarily care about the environment, you are likely concerned about the smell in your kitchen. When using a garbage disposal, you are disposing of waste at the moment you clean it, meaning there are fewer odors lingering in your home.

Unpleasant odors are not only a nuisance in your home, but they can also be a problem outside. In most households, garbage collection is scheduled at most on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

By that time, you are left with tons of smelly waste attracting native animals and insects.

Although garbage disposal itself has a reputation for developing an unpleasant odor, it can easily be cured either with cleaning agents or ground citrus peels.

Better for plumbing work

Even with the best intentions, food and waste eventually get stuck in pipes. When that happens, homeowners resort to inconvenient cleaning methods such as aggressive chemicals, confusing snakes, or expensive plumbers.

By regularly using a garbage disposal, you can protect your pipes from food residues that would otherwise accumulate into clogs.

It is important to note that a significant part of avoiding clogs is properly using the garbage disposal unit. Users should consult their manual to see if they should run water while operating the device and what substances to avoid.

A clogged pipe is an inconvenience, but unfortunately, a clogged garbage disposal can be even more of one.


While a garbage disposal can fit in any sink, it is important to ensure that a garbage disposal matches other elements of your home.

Prior to shopping, be sure that your space, pipes, and wastewater system can handle regular contact with additional food waste. Understand the difference between continuous feed models and batch feed models and decide in advance which would be better for your family.

Adding a garbage disposal system can mean adding a convenient little luxury to your home. Once you know how easy it is to quickly dispose of food scraps, you may never go back!

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