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If you have hardwood floors, you want to do everything you can to keep them safe and in the best condition. So if you’re considering adding a carpet to decorate an area of your home, you need to consider which fabrics are best suited for hardwood floors.

Any hand-knotted carpet made of high-quality materials is safe for hardwood floors. The carpet should not scratch the floor if it is well knotted and made of natural materials. Cotton and wool carpets are also excellent options as they are made from raw materials and are generally easy to clean.

There are many types of carpets to choose from, so it can be difficult to know which type is best for your hardwood floor. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 types of carpets that are safe for hardwood floors and which carpets to avoid.

1. Hand-Knotted Carpets

Hand-knotted carpets are great for hardwood floors if they are not cheaply made. You want to avoid a hand-knotted carpet that will scratch your wood floor, so it’s best to opt for one made of natural materials (like wool and silk).

When hand-knotted carpets are made from natural, high-quality materials and crafted by professionals, the result is a durable end product that will not slip or scratch the hardwood floor. If you are considering a hand-knotted carpet, make sure to choose one that is not very cheap. In most cases, a cheap carpet is likely poorly made and made of synthetic materials. Examples of such materials are synthetic fibers or synthetic rubber.

Synthetic fibers are easier and cheaper to produce than real ones, which is why carpets made from these materials are cheaper. Carpets made of synthetic materials are more likely to damage hardwood floors as they contain chemicals and adhesives that can penetrate the floor.

Hand-knotted carpets made from natural materials are great for hardwood floors, but there’s a catch – they can be expensive! Therefore, they are not always the best choice, especially if you have a tight budget. You may need to spend more than $1,000 for a decent hand-knotted carpet.

2. Cotton Carpets

Cotton carpets are one of the best choices for hardwood floors as they are available in a variety of designs and colors and are affordable. So if you have a tight budget, you should consider a cotton carpet.

Fortunately, cotton does not damage your hardwood floors and remains relatively durable. However, it is not the most durable carpet fabric. But for the price, you still get a good deal.

As you may already know, cotton comes from the cotton plant, so it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a carpet without animal fur or skin.

An example of a nice cotton carpet is the SAFAVIEH Cotton Rag Rug, available on This carpet comes in various colors and patterns. Additionally, you can choose from different sizes. Not only that, it is also super affordable (more than many other natural material carpets).

If you opt for a smaller cotton carpet, you can even machine wash it. It may need periodic cleaning, especially if the carpet area gets a lot of foot traffic. Just make sure to wash it in a cold, gentle setting as you don’t want any damage or shrinkage.

3. Wool Carpets

Wool is an excellent carpet fabric and does not cause any damage to your hardwood floors. Wool is also a natural material, but it comes from sheep rather than plants. So if you’re looking for a vegan carpet that is safe for hardwood floors, you should consider another fabric (like cotton).

Although wool carpets are more expensive than cotton carpets, the quality is generally higher, so you are sure to get a good value for your money. Wool carpets are very durable and easy to clean. That’s why they are a popular choice for most people looking for hardwood-safe carpets.

If you choose a wool carpet, make sure that no synthetic materials have been added as they could damage your floor.

An example of a durable, high-quality wool carpet (that’s safe for hardwood) is the SAFAVIEH Aspen Collection Rug, available on This carpet is handcrafted and does not contain any synthetic materials that could harm your hardwood floors. It is also available in different sizes, making it perfect for any room in your home.

4. Natural Fiber Carpets

A natural fiber carpet is also a good choice for hardwood floors. However, it’s best to avoid synthetic fibers as they can contain chemicals and other things that could damage the underlying floor.

Some examples of natural fibers are:

  • Sisal fibers
  • Seagrass
  • Bamboo

I will discuss these natural fibers in more detail in the following sections.


Sisal carpets are safe for hardwood floors as they do not cause scratches and do not have chemicals that could penetrate them. Additionally, sisal is a strong material that is not easily damaged, so you can expect a sisal carpet to last for many years.

An example of a sisal carpet is the SAFAVIEH Marble/Dark Grey Carpet, available on This carpet comes in various colors, but the Marble/Dark Grey shade is pure sisal. The price may seem high, but it’s worth it for the quality you will get from the high-quality sisal.


Seagrass is another common carpet material that is a natural fiber and safe for hardwood floors. These carpets also last a long time and can withstand a lot of stress and foot traffic, so they are worth their price. Seagrass comes from seagrass plants that live in shallow seas, so it is suitable for vegans.

However, note that some seagrass carpets come with rubber backing. Make sure that the backing of your carpet is made of natural material and not synthetic (such as synthetic rubber) as it may stick to your hardwood floor and cause damage.

An example of a seagrass carpet is the SAFAVIEH Natural Fibre Round Rug, available on This carpet is made of seagrass and jute, another natural fiber that does not contain aggressive chemicals. It is also available in various sizes, making it perfect for both large and small households. The carpet has no synthetic backing, so your hardwood floor will not be damaged.


You probably know what bamboo is, but you may not know that it can be processed into an absolutely safe carpet for hardwood floors! However, a bamboo carpet will not give you the soft feel like a wool or cotton carpet, so keep that in mind before making a decision.

A bamboo carpet could work well at the entrance to your home or in the dining area as it is easy to clean.

An example of a simple but durable bamboo carpet is the ZPirates Bamboo Rug, available on It is completely natural and can stick to your hardwood floor without causing any damage. Although it is marketed as a bathroom rug, you can also use it in other parts of your home!

5. Silk Carpets

Silk is a material that may not come to mind when choosing a carpet for a hardwood floor, especially because silk is expensive and difficult to maintain. But it is super soft and will not damage your floor, so you should consider it if you have the money and plan to place it in an area that won’t get dirty.

Silk is harvested from silkworms, so it is not artificially made. As you may have guessed, this also means that there are no synthetic harmful materials present, so you don’t have to worry about anything harmful penetrating your floor.

The main downside of silk carpets is the price. You will have to spend thousands of dollars if you want to buy a high-quality silk carpet, so this is not a practical option for many.

But it is undoubtedly an excellent option if you have the money and want something soft for your hardwood floor.

6. Carpets Made of Natural Rubber

Some carpets may contain natural rubber, especially on the backing. This should be safe for your hardwood floor, but you should avoid using mats that contain synthetic rubber.

Natural rubber can stick to the floor, which means that the carpet will not slip. And because it is natural, there are no synthetic chemicals that could damage the floor or stick to it.

Many cotton, wool, and other types of carpets can contain some natural rubber on the backing. Before purchasing a carpet, make sure that the backing is natural and safe for a hardwood floor because if it’s not, it may stick to your floor, causing permanent damage!

You can also buy carpets that consist solely of natural rubber. These carpets are best suited as doormats.

7. Leather Carpets

Leather is not the most popular choice of material for a carpet, but it is safe for hardwood floors and has a high standard. Leather carpets are not only safe for hardwood floors, but they are also very durable and long-lasting.

An example of a leather carpet is the SAFAVIEH Vintage Leather Collection Rug, available on It comes in various colors and sizes, making it highly customizable. The carpet is handcrafted from premium quality leather, so you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product.

Carpets That Are Bad for Hardwood Floors

While this article has discussed types of carpets that are safe for hardwood floors, I would like to briefly touch on some carpets that are not as safe. This way, you can avoid these materials when looking to purchase a carpet.

Below are the 3 main types of carpets that you should avoid if you have hardwood floors.

1. Carpets with Plastic Backing

Any carpet made of plastic (whether entirely or with plastic backing) should be avoided. Although these carpets are usually cheap, they can cause irreversible damage to your flooring.

Unfortunately, carpets with plastic backing can stick to the floor and cause scratches. Some chemicals can also seep into the hardwood floor, causing permanent damage. While it may be tempting to buy a carpet with plastic backing for your hardwood floor due to the low price, it is certainly not worth it in the long run.

2. Carpets Made of Synthetic Rubber

I mentioned that natural rubber is safe for hardwood floors as it does not contain aggressive chemicals that can penetrate the floor and cause damage. However, synthetic rubber is best avoided as it can cause damage.

If you are buying a carpet that contains rubber, make sure it is entirely natural and not synthetic.

3. Cheap Synthetic Carpets

I mentioned the importance of avoiding synthetic rubber, but in general, it is good to avoid most synthetic materials.

It is also good to avoid any carpet that appears too cheap because there is likely a reason why it is so cheap. Additionally, avoid carpets containing PVC as they can discolor your flooring.

Most cheap carpets are made of inferior materials that could scratch your hardwood floor. Additionally, the added chemicals could react poorly with the hardwood. So it is worth spending a little more for a high-quality carpet that will last long and not cause any damage.

Use Carpet Pads to Protect Your Hardwood Floor

While it is important to choose a high-quality carpet that will not damage your wood floor, it also helps to invest in a carpet pad. A carpet pad is placed between your carpet and the floor and serves as an additional protective layer for your floor.

Just like with carpets, there are certain materials to avoid when it comes to carpet pads. The materials to avoid are the same as those to avoid when purchasing a carpet, including:

  • Synthetic rubber and other materials
  • Plastic
  • PVC

A common material for carpet pads is natural rubber, which is safe for hardwood floors. An example is the RUGPADUSA Pad, available on It comes in many different sizes, so you can choose one that matches the size of your carpet. And since it is made of natural rubber, it does not contain any plastics or toxins.

Is a Faux Fur Carpet Safe for Hardwood Floors?

A faux fur carpet is safe for hardwood floors as long as it does not contain a backing that could damage the wood, such as plastic or synthetic rubber.

Since faux fur is generally soft and non-abrasive, you don’t have to worry about scratches or damage to your wood floor. Faux fur carpets are great for many living spaces with hardwood floors, including bedrooms and living rooms.

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