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Achieving a modern look in your kitchen doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars or require hiring a contractor for a remodeling project. Implementing some inexpensive hacks can transform the kitchen in just a few minutes.

Some affordable ways to modernize your kitchen include making some style improvements, such as adding stylish accessories like rugs and decorative items, and spending some money on conventional upgrades, such as a fresh coat of paint.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these excellent kitchen remodeling ideas. Here you will find everything you need for the stylistic transformation you are considering.

1. Eliminate Clutter and Clear Away Small Appliances

One of the first things you should do when trying to make your kitchen look modern is to eliminate clutter. You may not have noticed, but your kitchen has likely turned into a hoarding space for files, bags, your mail, kids’ school supplies, and more. Clear away anything that shouldn’t be in the kitchen and find new positions for them elsewhere.

You should also organize your small appliances. The coffee maker, toaster, and other appliances you use daily should remain easily accessible, but everything else should be packed up and put in another location to keep your kitchen countertop free.

2. Paint the Kitchen with a Modern Color

One of the quickest ways to make your kitchen look modern is by applying a fresh coat of paint. Consider colors and textures like beige, cream, high gloss, distressed, and matte finishes. Gray and black tones also work great as they make the kitchen look both modern and extravagant.

Choose white if you want a color that makes the space appear larger. It reflects light and is perfect if you can incorporate wood or metallic highlights. It’s no wonder that subtle and refined colors such as cream, champagne, or anthracite are popular among designers.

They convey a modern feeling and add a touch of luxury to the space that you can’t achieve with standard colors like silver, white, black, or gold. A good tip is to mix different colors in a palette to achieve an even more eye-catching look. Think of a blend of cream, light beige, and white.

3. Get New Hardware

If you’re not planning on buying new hardware, you can still give your kitchen a modern look by replacing the hardware on door handles, cabinet handles, sink faucets, etc. With cabinets, you’ll need to make sure that the new hardware fits into the existing holes.

If you can’t find hardware that matches the existing holes, you can do the job by sanding the surface a bit and using body filler or some wood putty (the non-shrinking kind).

Don’t hesitate to mix and match when arranging the new hardware. For example, using brass hardware in a kitchen with predominantly chrome accents can work great. If your cabinet and doors are painted white, you can use black or gold hardware on them.

4. Replace Your Old Appliances

If you have some extra money, replacing the appliances in your kitchen is a great way to make them look modern. The new appliances will also increase the value of your home. Consider upgrading to stainless steel appliances as they are popular in most modern kitchens – perhaps due to their versatility and practicality.

Such upgrades can be affordable if you find deals that allow you to trade in old appliances. Your warranty is most likely no longer active, but you can find programs that encourage homeowners to replace their household appliances with more environmentally friendly models.

In addition to household appliances, you can also find good deals on appliances such as stoves, ovens, and more. Explore your options and replace what you can.

5. Replace a Major Appliance

If you can’t find good deals to replace all of your appliances affordably, you should consider just replacing one major appliance that can be the focal point of the kitchen. A farmhouse sink, a French door refrigerator, a modern pizza oven, or a vintage stove design are all options to consider. Make that appliance the centerpiece and redesign the rest of the space around it to give the kitchen a modern look.

6. Paint Your Cabinets

If your cabinets are currently unattractive and worn out, they contribute to the outdated look of your kitchen. You may feel like you’re stuck with them permanently because you can’t afford new ones, but have you considered buying some chalk paint and working on them?

FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Furniture & Craft Paint and Shabby Chic Furniture Chalk Paint are some easy-to-use paints available in great colors. Choose the color or a mix that matches the dominant theme, and you can transform the cabinets in an hour or less.

7. Declutter the Fridge

In modern kitchens, the refrigerator doesn’t serve as a giant bulletin board where everything from shopping lists to reminders gets hung up. Such an approach makes it cluttered and contributes to the outdated look of your kitchen. Clear away everything, and the exterior and design of the fridge are back in focus.

When you peel off the stickers and everything else, the surface may be sticky and dirty. Clean it with a cleaning solution and a degreaser.

8. Use Some Marble

Marble is a popular feature in most modern kitchens. They are elegant and can add class to the space. You don’t have to completely rip out your countertops to enjoy the benefits of installing marble. All you have to do is add an accent of marble in strategic parts of the kitchen to enhance the overall look.

You can use pre-cut pieces of marble to create subtle marble accents in your kitchen. Consider lining your backsplash area with marbles or using some to create an outstanding backsplash. You can also use it to remodel a part of your kitchen floor. Choose the right marble colors to blend into the larger scheme, and you can effortlessly make your kitchen look modern.

9. Install Vinyl Flooring

Upgrading the look of your kitchen to a more modern appearance can be as affordable as installing vinyl flooring. You can find good deals that can withstand the rigors of life in the kitchen for less than $5 per square foot. There are also many design options to choose from, from ceramic-look to stone-look.

This is a favorite among DIY kitchen upgraders as, apart from affordability, they are easy to cut and install. When selecting the vinyl, go for options that complement the existing look of your kitchen well. Take a look at your cabinets, appliances, and the predominant color theme.

To ensure you choose the best matching piece, take a few sample pieces and leave them on the floor for a while, paying attention to how they look as the lighting situation changes. Choose the option that satisfies you the most.

10. Pay for Some Highlights

By spending some money on highlight pieces in the kitchen, you can get closer to that modern look. These pieces will catch attention as soon as someone enters the kitchen. We briefly mentioned this above, but think appliances.

You can do the same with other kitchen fixtures, such as sinks. For example, investing a bit more in a stone or copper sink than a conventional one can instantly change the look of your kitchen without any further major changes.

11. Invest in Lighting

Lighting is often an afterthought when it comes to kitchen design. However, they are important elements that you shouldn’t overlook when trying to make your kitchen look somewhat more modern. You should consider installing low-hanging lights to make your ceiling look higher than it is. The best position for such lights is directly above your kitchen islands and dining areas.

There are many matching designs, but globe lights are the best option if you’re looking for an affordable option that fits most kitchen decors. You should also invest in a dimmer. The dimmed light (especially during dinner time) can make the space look modern.

12. Invest in Potted Plants

Adding some greenery around your kitchen is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your space. It adds a natural ambiance to the overall decor.

A good tip is to use your windowsill to grow some of the herbs or vegetables that are frequently included in your recipes. Your kitchen will look more modern, and you’ll save some money when you go grocery shopping.

13. Make Your Ceilings Look Higher

Expensive kitchen remodels often involve raising the roof as part of the project as it guarantees a modern and upscale look. So, what happens if you can’t afford or simply can’t have such modifications done? You can easily create the illusion of higher ceilings.

One way to do this is by installing low-hanging lights as we’ve seen above, but you should also consider using window treatments. All you have to do is find a complementary fabric for the existing panel. Call in a seamstress to complete the attachment after you hang it, and you’ll make your window look long and create the feeling of higher ceilings.

14. Use Some Statement Ceramic Tiles

As we discussed above for marble, you can make your kitchen look modern by using statement tiles in strategic positions. You should choose the ones in a slate-look as they can transform simple cabinets and give them some presence.

You can also use the tiles as a backsplash directly behind your cooking area. You’ll get an excellent look by choosing tiles that complement your painted walls.

15. Create Sophistication with Moody Colors

We’ve talked about painting colors like cream and beige to give your kitchen a modern look. However, ultra-matte black, gray, and dark brown are colors that not only look great but also convey an elegant feeling. Choose options with deep pigmentation for a sophisticated look.

When painting your kitchen and furnishings with these colors, it’s a good idea to remove the metallic parts of your doors and cabinets so you don’t paint over them. The contrast you achieve is a big part of the sophistication.

Depending on the pieces you have in your kitchen, you may need to sand and prime to achieve the best results. You should also consider spraying the casing for an even finish, which is harder to achieve with a roller or brush.

16. Install Some Stunning Dining Chairs

If your kitchen has enough space, you should consider shifting to the living style by setting up a stylish dining area with some chairs. The chairs can be super affordable options that look good enough. The goal is to ensure comfort, make a statement, and maintain the modern look you’re aiming for. Look out for deals on dining sets and grab some.

17. Purchase Wood Veneer Cabinets

More expensive modern kitchens often feature handcrafted solid wood cabinets, but you can achieve a very similar look by opting for wood veneer. The latter looks just as good as solid wood but is significantly more affordable. The sleek and modern appearance is why such products are trending on idea boards on the internet.

If you go for this option, you should pay attention to the grain of the veneer and consider the direction it will run in your kitchen. Additionally, this approach may not look good if you have wood as your kitchen flooring. The “wood clash” effect will detract from the overall aesthetic impression of the space.

18. Install Some Gorgeous Wallpaper

Wallpapers usually don’t come up in discussions when most people talk about kitchen upgrades. However, they can help give your kitchen that modern look you’re trying to achieve, especially if the current decor is bare. It can also make your kitchen look more sophisticated. A contrasting look of wallpaper and tile or marble walls transforms most kitchens.

19. Install Metallic Pendants

Many modern kitchen designers always incorporate some metallic pendant lights, and it’s not hard to understand why. They can give your kitchen a modern look by hanging a few metallic pendant lights directly above your counter or table. These lights come in various shapes, so you’re sure to find an affordable set.

Choose finishes that nicely complement the predominant theme. For example, copper metallic pendants look great in predominantly white decor.

20. Purchase New Wares

The appearance of your kitchen can also be influenced by the dishes you serve drinks and food in. Get some affordable, modern-looking cups, bowls, plates, and glasses. You should also consider investing in some stemware as they can make an excellent impression.

When buying a good-looking set, consider displaying it in a glass cabinet or a cabinet without a door to transform your glass into a kitchen’s appearance.

21. Build a Beautiful Island

Most modern kitchens have a well-looking island. You can achieve a modern look by making yours as beautiful as you can afford. A good tip is to install a countertop that stands out from the rest of your kitchen. You should also consider special lighting for the area, with shades that differ from the main lighting options for the kitchen.

22. Buy Some Cheap Countertop Covers

If your countertops are old, you don’t necessarily need to buy new ones – which are usually expensive. You can go for self-adhesive countertop covers. These contact paper sets are designed to cover countertops and tables, giving them a different look.

You can find designs that look like marble, granite, or brick. This way, you can change the look of your countertop without breaking the bank. Be sure to choose a style that complements the color of your cabinets for a more striking look.

23. Buy Wood Countertops

If you don’t like the look of countertop covers, you should consider spending some money on wood countertops. The thick block-style is popular in many modern kitchens as it looks good and doesn’t require much maintenance.

Unlike stone and laminate, scratches on the surface of these countertops can be removed with some sanding and refinishing. So, this is a cost-effective and durable option to change the look of your kitchen.

24. Redesign Your Backsplash

The only element that makes as strong of a statement in any modern kitchen as the backsplash is the cabinet. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on it when trying to make your kitchen look modern. You should consider trends like subway tiles, herringbone patterns, and concrete. For a more temporary look, you can use wallpapers.

25. Create Faux Window Views

Creating artificial exterior views using applications is another excellent way to make your kitchen look modern. It’s an interesting approach that makes the kitchen visually interesting and avoids the need to spend money on window treatments.

When you combine this with hanging some potted plants around the back windows of the kitchen, you create a lush green modern ambiance around the space.

26. Paint Your Countertops

Countertops receive a lot of attention here because of their position in the kitchen. Another way to spruce them up for a modern look is by painting them.

Assuming you have old laminate or wooden countertops and don’t want to cover them with adhesive covers as described above or pay for a new installation, you can get paint from companies like Rust-Oleum and Giani Granite. When going for paint, don’t hesitate to play with textures like the stone effect. But simple colors can work as well.

27. Hang Artwork

Artwork can make any room look modern and sophisticated, and

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